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Tiaong Rural Bank Inc. is committed to be of service to its clients through the following core values:


We abide by the confidentiality of information entrusted to us by our partner clients, practice fairness in all of our dealings and assure the safeguarding of our clients’ assets.


We are accountable to our clients in providing quality and accessible service; To our stockholders in enhancing the value of their investments; To our employees in providing professional growth and personal well-being; To our partners in sustaining a profitable business relationship ; And lastly, to our regulators in adhering to safe and sound banking practices;

We drive business and social value across the organization and the community;

In addition, we respond to the needs and contribute to the preservation of the environment.


Our sense of professionalism stems from our willingness to adapt to changes and new challenges of the organization;

We stand firm on our sound decisions.


We practice honesty at all times as we strive for excellence; All of our actions are dealt with a high level of integrity by adhering to what is legal, ethical and fair.

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