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"It is of great pleasure that we welcome you to our website. Relatively new for Tiaong Rural Bank, Inc., this website represents the Bank’s chosen path to look into the future, a future where technology becomes an enabler to improve efficiency and better customer service.

This website would not have been possible without the untiring patronage of our customers. And in this regard, I would like to thank each one for their contribution not only in making this site a reality but in helping TRBI grow into what it has become today.

As TRBI looks into the future with renewed enthusiasm of what it holds for the bank, its employees and its customer, we offer this site not only as an avenue in introducing TRBI but more importantly a point of contact where our customers may provide feedback, suggestions and comments for TRBI. We also hope that through this we get to know what our customers want and they get to know what we can provide.

We thus enjoin you to look around our site to get to know us more."

- Dr. Gerardo Malvar Castillo, Chairman of the Board

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