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ATM Debit Card

The power is now in your hands!

Enjoy a whole new level of convenience with the only card you'll ever need. It comes with enhanced features, benefits and rewards.


  1. Low-maintaining balance
  2. Transact locally and internationally
  3. Cashless Shopping on-the-go
  4. Build-up your savings with its high interest rate
  5. Enjoy exclusive discounts & perks. Click here for promos


Can a client request for a passbook with the TRBI ATM Account?

No. The TRBI ATM Debit Account is designed as a stand–alone ATM Savings account. If the client needs his statement, he may log in through Online Banking ( or he may request it from branch for a fee.

Can a client request for their card to be personalized / put his or her name on the card?

Yes. The client’s name name may be printed on the card. This will have to be the usual ATM name printing process and the client has to go back to the branch to pick up the card when it is ready. Usual TAT for this is 3–5 working days.

Can two or more person open a TRBI ATM Savings Account as a joint account?

Yes. But only one TRBI ATM Cardwill be issued per account.

Can a client do an inter-branch OTC?


Can a check be deposited in a TRBI ATM Savings Account?

Yes. Provided that due diligne is observed at all time.

Can the client use the TRBI ATM Debit Card in POS purchase?

Yes. The TRBI ATM Debit Card may be used in POS terminals of Bancnet merchants.

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