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ATMSafe is an innovative value added feature to TRBI ATM Debit cards. It provides cardholders the benefit of replacing cash stolen during an ATM robbery in addition to other benefits such as personal accident coverage, hospital cash benefit, document replacement, theft identity restoration, trauma and emergency assistance and 24/7 customer hotlines for incident reports or claims.

The depositor is covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the Philippines and international locations where the TRBI ATM Debit card is accepted.


TRBI ATMSafe Benefits

Replacement of Stolen Cash during an ATM Robbery

Actual loss up to PHP 50,000; maximum of three (3) incidents per year and limited by the daily withdrawable limit, whichever is less:

1st incident    100%
2nd incident   50%
3rd incident   35%

TRBI ATMSafe Benefits

Hospital Confinement Benefit

PHP 2,250 for each day of confinement of the cardholder due to ATM related incidents (exceeding 3 days up to a maximum of 30 days) in any hospital accredited by the Department of Health. Benefit is retroactive from day 1 of hospitalization.

TRBI ATMSafe Benefits

Document Replacement

Actual cost up to PHP 11,250 of replacing documents lost in ATM incidents such as national identity cards, e.g. SSS or GSIS cards, driver’s license, employee ID, passports or travel documents.

TRBI ATMSafe Benefits

Identity Theft Restoration

Actual cost up to PHP 112,500 in retaining a specialist to assist cardholder correct false or fraudulent use of the cardholder’s identity. Card must be reported as lost or stolen.

TRBI ATMSafe Benefits

Trauma and Emergency Assistance

Includes emergency phone assistance, medical and legal referrals and coordination of emergency fund transfers.

TRBI ATMSafe Benefits

Quick Processing of Claims

Assistance in preparing and filing of necessary documents, completing firms and contacting authorities. 24/7 Customer Hotlines (for incident reports or claims) 236-7233

TRBI ATMSafe Benefits

Replacement of Lost Cash Incurred from an ATM malfunction or Machine Tampering

Up to PHP 50,000 or actual loss; maximum of one (1) incident per year and limitd by the daily withdrawable limit, whichever is less.

TRBI ATMSafe Benefits

Accidental Death Benefit

PHP 112,500 in the event of the cardholder’s death from an ATM robbery.

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